Message from the Queen of Israel

Queen Evangelist Elder Bride Mother Gloria Davis

Greetings, Israel:

I extend to each of you a heartfelt welcome to our General Assembly, “Church of the Firstborn”.  I thank and give the highest praises to our Lord and Savior, the Lord God of Israel.

I thank Him for all the wonderful blessings He has bestowed upon us this past year and for looking beyond our faults and seeing our needs.

I look forward to continued services to the God of Israel and His people.

I thank Him for my husband, friend and constant rock.  I thank Him for our children, for their love and support as we continue our mission for the God of Israel!

I appreciate your love, support and all that you do for me.  My desire is to always be a blessing in your lives.

Israel, whatever challenges we face, we, the members of The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army, must remain “Bold and Courageous”, yet peaceful and righteous, and Love through IT!

I love you and remember that:

Every Day Above Ground Is A Good Day!

Peace and Love to all!!!

Queen Evangelist Elder Bride Mother Gloria J. Davis