Greetings from The King of Israel

Bishop Bobby J. Davis

The time has come for us to reassemble on our land for the General Assembly, church of the firstborn. I am very excited during this time because it is a time of gathering, rededication and renewal, and receiving the holy words of the God of Israel.

I would like to thank my wife, Queen Gloria, for all her devotion to the God of Israel and me.  I also thank our children and family.  In addition, I thank the overseer, assistant overseer and their wives, bishops, elders, ministers, deacons, mothers, brothers and sisters, all over Israel for their continued faithfulness to the God of Israel and The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army.

I am looking forward to the church’s future, as we embark upon other avenues to enhance it, as well as our future and well-being as a church family.  To become a strong, cohesive church, we must stick together and not let indifference and lack of involvement stop our progress. 

I need you all to stand ready to get up and get involved in our church in whatever capacity you can.  We do not always see the same vision, but we all serve the same God, and we all are the sheep of His pasture.  

We must be vocally strong and adamant explaining to our youth the value of education and the danger and pitfalls of drugs.  Today, we are faced with new challenges in this world, but nothing can stop us as long as we put the God of Israel first, serve only Him and depend upon the power of our living God. 

During this General Assembly, I encourage each of you to examine yourself and love the God of Israel with all your heart, and then we can truly love one another with that same love.  Let us forgive each other.  If we don’t, we cannot expect forgiveness from the God of Israel. 

Let us pray one for each other, and always remember we are all one family in Israel.  As I think about our church, we truly have come too far to turn around.  If we were to turn around, what would it profit us to forfeit that which we have gained?  So, Israel, let’s be determined to stand strong and always remember that the God of Israel is in charge, and we are responsible to carry on the legacy of our fore-fathers and mothers, who have passed this way to pave a future for us and our children. So, with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, I am standing on the Mighty God of Israel to not only lead and guide us, but to keep us from harm.

Will you join me, will you stand with me, will you “Rise to Give Honor to the Holy Father, the King of Israel” with me, will you stand with me and declare that I will go even if I have to go by myself, trusting and depending on the God of Israel, which is the only hope of Israel?

Peace and love to each of you, and may the spirit of the Most High God lead and guide each and everyone of you to that heavenly place in your life where you will find the joy of the Lord of God of Israel. 

Your Servant,

Bishop Bobby J. Davis